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Does your business have employees? Then you need a time clock.

From simple Bundy Clock time card systems to swipe cards, face scans and fingerprint time clock solutions that integrate with payroll programs, we have a solution for your business.

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Best Range of Time Clocks in Australia

We stock all major brands such as Amano, Seiko, Max, Easy Clocking and Fingertec, so we can provide a system that will cater to your time and attendance needs.

An employee time clock is an essential tool to automate your business.
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Trusted For Over 30 Years

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We have customers all over Australia and beyond that enjoy the ease and efficiency of our employee time & attendance systems.

Our employee time clock range includes Biometric time clocks for time & attendance tracking that helps stop ‘buddy punching’.

Our Biometric time clocks include Fingerprint Time Clock systems for accurate fingerprint reading, Face ID and Iris Recognition Systems that allow clock in and out by just looking at the clock.

As well as proximity card systems, we also have your standard Bundy style clocks that print on time cards and allow for calculation of total hours.

Not sure which system is right for your business? Contact us¬†today and we’ll help you find the best solution.

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