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Needtek CM880 Time Clock

$630.00 AUD

The CM880 is a calculating time clock designed to integrate two-colour printing and provide an optional output for a 240V universal siren.

 Product Includes: 

  • 1 X Needtek CM-880 calculating Time Clock
  • 1 X Set of Keys
  • 1 X Ribbon Installed 
  • 1 X Initial programming as required
Free Programming
Trusted By Thousands Australian Businesses
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Free Programming
Trusted By Thousands Australian Businesses
Plug and Play No Training
Same Day Shipping
Free Programming
Trusted By Thousands Australian Businesses
Plug and Play No Training
Same Day Shipping

What is a Bundy Clock?

A Bundy clock is used to keep track of employee work hours with a payroll paper time card. It records at which date and time each employee started and ended their assigned shift by punching or stamping employees' hours onto the time cards.

Easy Set Up

Simply plug in your Bundy Clock and stamp your time card!

Time Saving Payroll

Calculating Bundy Clocks can calculate your daily or running total of employee hours.

Affordable Clocks

Bundy clocks are stand-alone units, with some having optional battery back up and a siren or bell relay.

Types of Bundy Clocks

Here at Universal Time Recorders, you will find a select range of bundy clocks, including date and time stamp, job costing, calculating, and non-calculating systems. These modern digital versions of the traditional time clock can be used in a wide range of workplaces, helping you to simplify attendance records, payroll, and other processes. 

These Time Clocks only tend to give you the Time Stamp of your employees punch. It is normally 1 Clock In Punch and 1 Clock Out Punch.

This means you would have to manually calculate their times. This is why non calculating Bundy clocks are significantly more affordable than their calculating counterparts.

Say goodbye to the hassle of having to calculate your hours worked — our automatic calculating time clocks do all the work for you. Make manual timekeeping a thing of the past at your workplace with self-calculating bundy clocks from Universal Time. 

Date & Time Stamping is designed for Hospitals, Mechanics or any industry that does job costing.

Bundy Clock Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Questions and Answers

How do I change the time on my Bundy Clock?

Please refer to your user manual or see our YouTube channel

I have a MAX Time Clock and it is asking for a passcode?

Passcode is 2000

My Ink printing is fading?

Please buy a new ink ribbon

How do I replace my ink ribbon?

Please follow the instructions on the ink box

What timecards do I need to buy?

Please purchase the cards that were on your original invoice. At Universal we also place a re-order sticker on your packets. If you still can not find them, please contact us.

Time Clocks Australia

Our date and time stamp or non-calculating bundy clock systems provide you with a simple and efficient way to keep track of hours worked and job costings. Just like the punch clocks of old, staff will clock in at the start of their shift, and clock out at the end. You can also decide how break times and overtime will be recorded on timesheets. 

These simple bundy clock systems can be used to print onto time cards, while also recording and storing or transmitting the information for later use by the payroll team. We also provide calculating bundy clocks Australia-wide. These time clocks help to simplify your payroll system, significantly reducing the time needed to reconcile employee timesheets. You can still employ the traditional time card system, and a number of our calculating time clocks also provide for the printing of ‘late in’, ‘early out’, or ‘overtime’ symbols. They allow staff to clock in and clock out up to four times a day, for better recording of break times.

Shop our range of bundy clocks and time cards today to gain access to special package deals that won’t exceed your budget!

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