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Fingerprint Systems

Fingerprint Time attendance systems for employees. Our latest biometric fingerprint time clocks ensure optimal security at your workplace. Contact us today for more info!

Fingerprint Time Systems That Are Safe, Secure and Flexible.

Switching to a fingerprint time attendance system can give a great deal of flexibility to your workplace. You may choose a fingerprint scanner and time attendance system in one, or simply use a fingerprint reader with an existing PC at your workplace. There are even cloud-based time and attendance software programs that allow you to turn any mobile phone into a fingerprint time clock for your small business. Experience unmatched levels of security with fingerprint time attendance systems in place. Unlike more conventional techniques that could use easily fabricated paper records or swipe cards, fingerprints are impossible to forge by any intruder. Only authorised individuals can have access to your workplace with our advanced fingerprint time clocks in place!

Fingerprint ZKTeco: A Leading Biometric Solution in Australia

Fingerprint ZKTeco is a leading provider of biometric time and attendance systems in Australia. With cutting-edge fingerprint recognition technology and user-friendly interfaces, their devices cater to various workplace environments, ensuring seamless integration and ease of use. ZKTeco's innovative solutions deliver accuracy, efficiency, and convenience for Australian businesses, making them a top choice for fingerprint time clocks in Australia.

Fingerprint Attendance Machines with Seamless Payroll Integration

Many of our fingerprint time clocks in Australia even integrate with payroll software. Whether you use MYOB, Xero or Unipay, simply let us know the kind of fingerprint time attendance system you’re interested in and business requirements going forward, and we will help tailor an employee fingerprint time clock system that’s perfectly suited to your ongoing business needs.

Some workplaces may be hesitant to adopt a biometric scanner, however, the benefits for both employers and employees become instantly clear once the system is in operation. With a biometric fingerprint scanner, there’s no need to constantly purchase or reprogram proximity cards. Staff members don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting an ID card or key fob with fingerprint time clocks at the office, access is at their fingertips!

Access at Your Fingertips, with Fingerprint Time Attendance

With a fingerprint time attendance system, you have greater access than ever before, to information, scheduling, cost breakdowns and more. Once you have found the right time attendance system for your business, both employees and employers are empowered in their daily work practices

Many biometric time attendance systems allow employees to view available leave, and request time off. Smartphone based systems will allow employees to clock in when they reach the job site, record a lunch break when out on the road, or create and follow work schedules when working from home

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Experience the future of workforce management with our state-of-the-art fingerprint time attendance machines. Choose between standard palm, face or finger terminals and a package with a siren or bell, all under $1,200!

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The Benefits of Using a Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Businesses are always looking for new ways to organise their processes and improve labour management. Biometric fingerprint time attendance systems have emerged as a game-changer among these cutting-edge technologies, and the benefits can drastically improve your day-to-day working environment. 

Here are some of the benefits you can experience when you sign up for the best time-keeping solutions at Universal Time:

Boosted ROI

Out-of-date technologies continue to be quite expensive for many firms. By adopting a biometric fingerprint time attendance system, employee theft, buddy punching and other problems brought on by defects and errors of older systems are less likely to occur. 

Increased Productivity

It is no longer necessary to manually keep time thanks to biometric attendance devices. Employee time is saved, personnel expenses are reduced and the payroll department receives a precise representation of labour data as a result. This increases productivity and helps ensure that all corporate processes run smoothly every day. 

Unparalleled Safety

Our biometric systems are safe as well. The fingerprint time attendance system creates a code using a fingerprint, rather than storing the fingerprint itself. In this way, a biometric system remains safe from misuse by third parties. Your fingerprint cannot be replicated by someone else using this system​.