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Just as calculating time clocks have largely replaced non-calculating clock in, clock out systems, so biometric time clocks are fast becoming the way of the future for many workplaces around Australia. These automated time and attendance systems simply offer far greater convenience and feedback for employers and employees alike.

No more lost key fobs, no more forgotten pins or proximity cards, no more “buddy punching” (or uncomfortable and possibly unfair suspicions of “buddy punching”). Biometric clocking systems continue to grow in popularity because they provide an efficient, transparent, and convenient solution for all.

Whether you choose a fingerprint time clock or facial recognition time and attendance system, you always have your log in credentials with you. Staff members don’t have to spend time searching for a proximity card at the start of the day, or waiting while others in front of them punch in the incorrect pin at the end of the day. Biometric clock systems are simpler and more efficient for everyone, and especially so for payroll.

Cut Down on Wasted Time with a Biometric Clocking System

Whether information is stored on the time and attendance system for later backup via USB, or you choose a simple fingerprint reader that can be stationed at any computer, you will have all the timesheet information that you need, when you need it.

Labour intensive payroll work is dramatically reduced with the introduction of an automated time and attendance system. This is great news for small businesses where the task of calculating wages may fall to the business owner or manager, and for larger companies it means that a smaller payroll department can handle the same tasks, with less stress, and lower risk of error.

Our biometric attendance systems are available for delivery Australia wide, and we are always happy to provide the initial or ongoing support that you require when deciding on, setting up, or updating your time and attendance system.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. We can also tailor package deals that are a better fit for your business needs.

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