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P5641 Time Card

$170.00 AUD

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1 Box of P5641 800 Weekly Attendance Time Cards

Compatible time clocks:

  • Seiko TP-5, TP-10, TP-20, TP-50 time/date stamp
  • Seiko QS-100 time/date stamp
  • Lathem 1600E time/date stamp
  • Amano 3500 series time clock
  • Amano JP-3500 series time clock
  • Amano 5500 series time clock
  • Amano PIX-10, PIX-15,  PIX-20, PIX-21 time clocks
  • Amano PIX-200, PIX-3000 time clocks
  • Amano PIX-3000X, Amano PIX-3200 time clocks
  • Amano TCX-21 time clock
  • Kings Power SP-550 time clock
  • Simplex 10, Simplex 125 time clocks
  • Simplex Bravo, Simplex Combo, Simplex Patriot time clocks
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What are Time Cards?

Employee Time Cards are individually designed for each specific Bundy Clock that you have purchased. 

Payroll sheets can come in forms of weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payroll cards. Bundy Time Cards give you the options to calculate your employees hours this can vary from the daily total to the running total of hours they have worked depending on your start of your pay week and end. Paper Time Sheets can may also give you the option of calculating superannuation for your employees and tax calculations. 

Card Care

Payroll Time Cards For Your Bundy, Time Clock!

You will find a wide range of employee time card formats to choose from, so that you can opt for the cards that best meet your business needs. You can even ensure you have true blue Aussie time sheets. We import bundy time recorders from some of the best international manufacturers, but with the ability to adjust for daylight savings time, you can customize any machine to be the perfect fit for your local business.

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What are the benefits of using employee time sheets?

  • Creates a routine for employees   
  • Indicate late clocking's 
  • Accurate Payroll Hours 
  • Physical Copy Of Time Card 
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Transform Your Workplace With Bundy Cards

Transform your workplace by accurately tracking employee attendance on an employee time card using our compatible Bundy Clocks. Experience the convenience of neatly stamped time cards displaying start and finish times, plus breaks. Easily calculate your employees' work hours for payroll with each time card. Get your time cards locally!

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