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When deciding between a bundy time clock, biometric, or proximity time clock system, there will be a number of factors to consider, depending on your workplace, and the systems that have been used in the past.

While older style bundy time clocks are slowly being replaced (although many workplaces do still find them effective) and biometric systems are yet to find wide acceptance, a proximity time clock allows you the perfect balance of ease and security.

Set your system up with either RFID card or key fob access, and easily create log in and log out credentials for up to 1,000 users. The proximity card reader makes this a hygienic, no touch system.

Save Time and Money with Universal Time Recorders’ Proximity Time Clocks

Not only does a proximity time clock save time by creating a simpler clock in, clock out system at the door, it will also save time and hassle for the payroll department. Connect the terminal to a computer via network cable, collect the information at regular intervals via USB, or opt for a proximity time clock system with built in WI-FI and cloud based software.

With the right technology, you can efficiently record employees’ hours, comply with labour laws, and manage overtime hours. You will also reduce the risk of improperly logged hours leading to pay discrepancies, while the payroll team can benefit from having all relevant information readily available.

The system also allows for better time management, as you can use the information to provide more accurate job costings. The system gives you everything you need to calculate the hours for a given job or client project.

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