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With a dependable time punch card system, you can easily record the hours worked on any given day. Choose the employee time cards that allow you to record the information needed by payroll and staff. Easily record the time in and out (including breaks) ordinary hours and overtime, annual leave, sick leave, public holiday pay and RDOs, tax and superannuation contributions in a readable format, or keep time cards strictly for logging hours with separate information displayed in payslips.

You will find a wide range of employee time card formats to choose from, so that you can opt for the cards that best meet your business needs. You can even ensure you have true blue Aussie time sheets. We import bundy time recorders from some of the best international manufacturers, but with the ability to adjust for daylight savings time, you can customise any machine to be the perfect fit for your local business.

You can adjust other recording features just as easily, such as matching time recording to your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay cycle.

Benefit from the Simple Transparency of a Traditional Employee Time Card

From proximity card readers to biometric time and attendance systems, you will find that there are a range of options available to suit different workplace needs. One of the simplest and most easily recognisable systems remains the combination of a bundy time recorder and employee timesheet.

Within this category you can choose a time and attendance machine that is as simple or as complex as you like. Print in black and white or colour, choose a time clock that can recognise and print symbols for late clock in, early clock out, or overtime. You can even set the system to automatically adjust for daylight saving, or connect your time card system to an external bell or siren that will sound at predetermined times of the day.

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