Fingertec Timeline100 Enclosure

$165.00 inc. GST

  • The TIMELINE100 Enclosure is made of transparent thermoplastic or acrylic glass, are specially designed to fit the TIMELINE100 FingerTec terminal for extra protections from dust, unnecessary punching of keypad and vandalism.
  • The FingerTec TIMELINE100 enclosure is intended to reduce surrounding mild environmental hazards to lengthen the lifespan of the terminals.
  • (Terminal Not Included)
    • Customized to Fit Perfectly The enclosure sizes are customized to be able to accommodate TIMELINE 100 terminal, with openings for your USB flashdisk.
    • Card-friendly The enclosures still allow you to use your card scanning technology with the “touch and go” concept. No interference involved.

*Kindly note that FingerTec enclosures are for additional protection against vandalism only and that they are not designed to be weatherproof and/or waterproof.


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