Max ER2700 Time Recorder

$693.00 inc. GST

Calculating Employee Time and Attendance System

  • Suitable for up to 130 employees.
  • Easy to read Display.
  • Suitable for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay periods.
  • Print up to 6 columns.
  • Printing in 2 colours (black/red).

The Max ER-2700 Time Recorder is a calculating time clock with an easy to read display. This employee time clock is suitable for up to 130 employees.

  • More about the Max ER2700 Time Recorder:
    • Max ER 2700 time clock can recognize and print symbols for Late In, Early Out, and Overtime.
    • Printing in regular minutes (1/60) or 1/100th of hour.
    • Fully automatic operation without any button operation
    • Automatic daylight saving adjustment
    • Back up battery to hold the memory
    • Can connect to an external bell/siren and sound up to 22 times a day.
    • Dimension 241(H) x 187(W) x 130(D) mm

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