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A calculating time clock is a simple, flexible way for employees to clock in and clock out of work. With a range of dependable calculating time clock systems available at Universal Time, customers are sure to find an employee time clock that suits their workplace.

Essential for the workplace and easy to use, calculating time clocks make calculating late arrivals, leaving early, overtime, and lunch breaks simple. At Universal Time, we have calculating time clock systems suitable for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay periods, and systems that are suitable for 1-100 employees, up to 50, and up to 130 employees. With easy to read displays, high quality printing, and automatic operation, our employee time clock systems are of high quality. Whether you choose the Max ER1600, Max ER2700, or Seiko QR395, you are sure to get a system that is reliable and easy to use.

At Universal Time, we have package deals, including our Max ER2700 Time recorder package, including a Max ER2700 calculating time clock system, time cards, and a slot time card rack.

Calculating time clock systems allow employees to clock in and out. Our employee time clock systems can recognise and print symbols for Late in, Early Out, Overtime and Lunch Break.

With 30 year of experience, Universal Time is the trusted team for employee time and attendance systems, For a quality calculating time clock that suits your workplace needs, contact the team at Universal Time on 03) 9338 2000 today. For queries or advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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